Paul Daniels’ Magic Life

Wednesday 19 June
8.00pm start

Festival Marquee, Mill Green
£12.00 per head

Graham Howe 07540 193239

How appropriate to have ‘the lovely Debbie McGee’ host an evening with unknown stories of the magical life she shared with Paul Daniels, of the Festival themed ‘Wargrave That’s Magic’ in the first night in the Marquee!!

Paul and Debbie were top of the ‘Magic’ business for decades entertaining millions of people live and on television. They were also called on to privately entertain many famous people. You may recall Paul made national news for telling off Prince William, future King of England, at his birthday party! There are many other unknown incidents and stories that Debbie will reveal supported by previously unseen video clips. Paul and Debbie contributed much to the local community in and around Wargrave which they came to love. The proceeds of this event will be donated to local charity.