Walking Safari Supper

Saturday 15 June

7.00pm Champagne Reception

Thames Cottage, 63 High Street, Wargrave RG10 8HY (Champagne and Cheese)

£10.00 per person (as part of a pair). Includes a glass of champagne, two food courses with wine plus a cheese and port course.

Catherine Lamb 0118 9402445 Catherine.wildlamb@gmail.com

The Safari is open to ‘pairs’ – could be your partner, could be a friend – and together you will enjoy a starter, main course and dessert at three different homes in Wargrave village – one of which will be yours! Each pair will also host one of the courses, providing food and wine for a total of six people.

You will be allocated your ‘course’ in advance of the event and made aware of any dietary requirements but to maintain an element of intrigue and surprise, you won’t know who is actually coming to your home until the evening itself.

The safari starts with a Champagne Reception when you are told where you are off to for your starter. Pairs will stay together for the evening but will meet a different set of people at each food course. Everyone will be switching venues at the same time in the village so you will bump into lots of friends as you make your way onto your next course. The evening ends with everyone coming back together for cheese and port.

As each course will need to be served and consumed within 45 minutes to 1 hour it is worth preparing dishes in advance that are stress-free to make and quick to serve. So think salad not soufflé; think curry not consommé. The food itself is not being judged so keep things simple and easy. We want this to be a lively buzzy evening with everyone having a good time.

Rules of Participation:

1. Each pair will be asked to cook for, provide wine and host one of the food courses for six people. The course (starter, main course or dessert) will be assigned to each pair at least two weeks before the event.

2. The house/flat used for hosting the food course on the night of the event needs to be based in Wargrave Village inside the blue boundary line drawn on the map shown above. Not based in Wargrave? Then team up with a friend who is – the same venue can be used twice!

3. The participants visiting your home for the food course will be kept secret until the night of the event. However, you will be warned in advance of any dietary requirements so you can cater for them. Due to the risks surrounding food allergies and the limitations of other dietary requirements, participants will only be asked to take into consideration the requirements of a ‘known’ vegetarian when preparing their food course.

4. Each pair will be told which home to attend for their starter at the Champagne Reception on the night of the event. The pair will then be told which home to move onto next at the end of each food course.

5. Participants need to be over 21 years of age.