going green

Back in 1989, Wargrave had a number of forward thinking environmentalists who, in conjunction with Friends of the Earth, organised a recycling centre on Mill Green for the duration of the Wargrave Festival. This was a major step forward considering up to that point almost nothing was being recycled from household waste.  The aim was to encourage people to walk or cycle to events and bring their glass jars, bottles, aluminium cans and wastepaper to the recycling point with the aim of 'perhaps finding a permanent recycling point in the village'! 

32 years on, the Wargrave Festival Green Team have been meeting to make plans for how to improve the green elements of the Wargrave Festival in 2022 and beyond. We hope we can build on past years' actions by enhancing the robust waste management and recycling system further.

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our commitment

  • Insist that external caterers use biodegradable packaging or compostable packaging

  • Have more signage to encourage individuals to separate out food waste, soft plastics, biodegradable and general waste

  • Source funding for more Green Team members on site to remind people of their responsibilities with regards to correct bin usage

  • Offer glasses only from the bar to be used across all events

  • Provide bike and scooter racks to encourage cars to be left at home during event attendance

  • Provide CSR credentials from the external suppliers of the marquee, furniture and toilets

  • Use a sustainable energy supplier

  • Assist external suppliers with commercially compostable recycling

  • Eradicate all single use plastics from the event

  • Provide LED lighting throughout and ask suppliers to do the same

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The Green Team is supported by two local businesses,

Wargrave Dental Clinic and H'Artisan Co.  Their support will help up ensure that the 2022 Summer of Love Festival is the

greenest to date.

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