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2024 Festival Committee

The 2024 Wargrave Festival Committee is made up of these dedicated local residents of Wargrave from various backgrounds committed to bringing you a festival to remember. 

Cath Forsaith (Chair)

Caroline Meader (Vice Chair)

Helen Wallace (Secretary)

Ian Wild (Treasurer)

Graham Howe (Events)

Kevin Southworth (Infrastructure)

Josie Fear (Events)

Philip Bastian (Procurement)

Ally Holloway (Publicity)

Alex Sharp (Events)

Simon Warren (Green Team)

Bruce Glasby (Infrastructure)

Catherine Lamb (Events)

Bernice Burke (Events)

Paul Stanton (Events)

Dominic Matthews (Procurement)

Joanne Goodman (Sponsorship)

Heinrich Koorts (Procurement)

Jo Smith (Green Team)

Cam Birdwhistle (Infrastructure)

Thanks for 2022

Thanks again to our 2022 Festival Committee and hard working volunteers for dedicating hours, days, weeks and months to deliver us a magical 2022 festival.

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