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History of Wargrave Festival

Many villagers thought he was crazy. The idea of uniting the village from the High Street to Highfield Park. They said it wouldn’t work.


The then Vicar, the late Reverend John Ratings, mused in 1974 that a village festival, “[would] be a useful exercise to do something for village unity in the days when our country desperately needs a common aim and purpose. All would be encouraged to take part."


And, that they did - and so a tradition was born.

The festival was deemed a huge success and it was reported that “even the weather had picked up for those few days in early June!” So it was decided that another Village Festival would be held to mark the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977.

A clipping from the Wargrave Times announcing a personal message from the Queen about the Wargrave Festival Jubilee Celebrations in 1977.

Wargrave Festival Programmes from 1975 to 2024

Photos of the history of Wargrave Festival since 1975

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