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Open Gardens

Meet the Open Gadeners of Wargrave

Sunday 23 June, 2024

Around the Village of Wargrave


Adults: £5  Under 17: Free


Wargrave is renowned for its breathtaking gardens, tended with love and care by their knowledgeable and green-thumbed owners. The Open Gardeners of Wargrave are delighted to welcome you to wander around their gardens, enjoying the summer sunshine, brushing against overflowing borders of delphiniums, clematis, paeonies and petunias, fountains of wispy grasses and blousy hydrangeas. Some gardens have ponds buzzing with wildlife, some have clucking hens, some grow vegetables (including the Woodclyffe Allotments) and some provide teas, homemade cakes and a sit-down. Create your own walking tour of the gardens (maps available on this webpage soon) and discover the hidden gardens of Wargrave and their enthusiastic gardeners.

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