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Going Green

Back in 1989, Wargrave had a number of forward thinking environmentalists who, in conjunction with Friends of the Earth, organised a recycling centre on Mill Green for the duration of the Wargrave Festival. This was a major step forward considering up to that point almost nothing was being recycled from household waste.  The aim was to encourage people to walk or cycle to events and bring their glass jars, bottles, aluminium cans and wastepaper to the recycling point with the aim of 'perhaps finding a permanent recycling point in the village'! 

The Wargrave Festival Committee is very conscious of our environmental responsibilities, and we are doing everything we can to make the 2024 Festival the greenest one yet. Our focus is on minimising landfill and reducing plastic products on-site, with the aim of eliminating all single-use plastic at the festival.

Cycling to festival.png

Our Green Team

A team of young people will once again attend Mill Green events to support our green initiatives. The Green Team is now an established fixture at the festival, and they manage all the waste on site as well as dealing with the huge volume of glass washing that comes with a plastic-free bar. Please help them by using the correct bins when you dispose of your rubbish.

Our Commitment


    Festival bars will only serve drinks in glassware or eco-cups. There will be no plastic straws on-site, and water and soft drinks will only be served in cans or glass bottles.

  • We will ask all food vendors and caterers to use biodegradable or compostable packaging.

  • We strongly encourage all event organisers and societies not to use single use plastic products at their events.

  • We encourage everyone to bring their own reusable water bottles and coffee cups to use with on-site vendors.

  • Have more signage to encourage individuals to separate out food waste, soft plastics, biodegradable and general waste


    Encourage patrons to leave cars at home and visit events via public transport, walking or cycling.

recycling festival.png


All these initiatives have a big impact on our costs, and we are lucky to have two sponsors who share our values in this area. We are pleased to confirm that H’artisan Speciality Coffee Co. and Wargrave Dental Surgery will sponsor the Green Team for the second festival in a row.

Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 22.18.17.png

"Ranju and I are delighted to sponsor the Green Team in 2024. It’s great to give so many young people in the village an opportunity to get involved in the festival and work on such an important and worthwhile element of the events. The Green Team does a fantastic job doing the daily festival clear up and we’re happy to support them."

Anu Chadha - Wargrave Dental Surgery

"It is a pleasure to support the festival Green Team again this year. At H’ARTISAN we know all about catering waste, recycling and washing up! The Green Team do a fantastic job keeping on top of the recycling as well as managing the glass washing in a plastic free bar."

Sarah Hart - H’Artisan

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