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Wargrave Village Parade

Theme 'Gold Fever'

Saturday 29 June, 2024


Meet at the top of Victoria Road

Tickets: FREE no booking required


It’s time to start getting your costumes prepared and join everyone in this year’s Village Parade.


This year’s theme is “Gold Fever!”, which as you can imagine, provides the opportunity for an infinite variety of costumes, props & designs – The 'Gold Fever!' Parade is a flamboyant, dazzling and glittering opportunity to spread Summer joy around the village! Costume & Prop design is limitless; buy them, borrow them or make them.


Be a billionaire $, a prospector in the American Gold Rush, a glitzy celebrity or rapper or simply design your own way of spreading happiness. Of course, the wackier the designs the better! Both individual characters and team themes are encouraged, so Lone Rangers as well as complete full on parties need to saunter down from all around the village to Highfield Park on Saturday 29th June.


Everyone is welcome to this event, from any family, club, society or group, and as always we will be awarding trophies for best individual costume, best team design as well as runner-up prizes. All winners will be announced at the start of the parade.

This event is free. Just turn up and join the parade. Dress to the theme of 'Gold Fever'. 

Wargrave Village Parade 2022 Highlights 

Wargrave Village Parade Highlights since 1975

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