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Crazies Comedy 4 Kidz

Monday 24 June, 2024


Marquee on Mill Green, Wargrave RG10 8EU

Tickets: £6 | £20 for family of 4


Why should the grown-ups get all the laughs? It’s time for the kids to have some fun with Mark Jones’ Comedy Show for Kids…and grown-ups who really should know better.


Join Mark for a show full of stuff, nonsense & silliness, knowing that at any moment he could veer wildly off-script on a spontaneous tangent, take you down a comedy cul-de-sac, & then attempt to reverse out by resorting to childish jokes and silly voices. There will be the opportunity to get up on the stage & tell your best joke in the Make Mark Laugh competition, and possibly the chance to break a world record! Suitable for ages 6 and up. People aged from 84 to 104 must be accompanied by both parents. Or a responsible adult. Or better still, an irresponsible one. Follow Mark on Instagram for the chance to take part in the Make Mark Laugh section of the show: @mistermarkjones

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