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WYT Presents

Shakespeare Rocks!

Wednesday 12 - Saturday 15 June, 2024

Mill Green, Station Road, Wargrave, RG10 8EU

Raked, covered, comfortable seating

Friday 14 June - 6:00pm

Saturday 15 June - 3:00pm

Tickets: Adult £8 | Children £5


WYT are proud to present a musical production about the "GOLDEN" years of Shakespeare.


Aubrey, The Rough Shakespeare Company's pretentious director, obtains what appears to be William Shakespeare's lost diary. Along with his down to earth assistant, the pair decide to embark on an exclusive adaption of the flamboyant Bard's personal journal. "Shakespeare Rocks!" is a fresh, funny and up to date look at the life and times of William Shakespeare, with a cast of hilarious historical characters, amusing glimpses into some of his works and how he came 'To Be'. Spread the word... Shakespeare didn't just write... he rocked!

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